Sandy’s Finishing Touches – 2010 edition

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Now that the finishing deadlines are upon us, you might want to consider doing a small finishing project yourself. Here is a new edition of Sandy’s Finishing Touches to get you started.

Leigh crows finished

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Here they are in their frames. Aren’t they magnificent? We have them both in stock with stitch guides.

Nutcrackers and Limoges boxes from Julia’s Needleworks

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Over 250 nutcrackers and Limoges boxes have arrived this week from Julia’s Needleworks.  This is a great time to finish (or start) your nutcracker collection!  They come in 3 sizes and can be finished as ornaments or just stand alone decorations.

The Limoges boxes are unique to Julia and make wonderful gifts.  I stitched the Grand Hotel and gave it to Amelia Musser as a house gift.

The Ark finished!


I had so much fun stitching this piece from Kelly Clark and loved the results so much that I went for a custom acrylic box to display it.

My favorite frame shop did a fabulous job of creating the box. If your local shop can’t do this, try mine: The Framing Establishment in Jacksonville FL, 904-384-7724.

Hot Fix Applicator Special

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I love using hot fix crystals to add bling to my needlepoint canvases.

We have a special offer on the hot fix applicator that I use. For $30 you get the applicator, a variety of tips and (here’s the special part) 1 gram of 4mm clear hot fix crystals. (Yes, one gram.) This size crystal covers 4 mesh on 18 count canvas–you can get right to work adding sparkle to your canvases. There’s even a “how-to” video available for your smart phone. How clever is that? You can order now on our website.

New 3D Needlepoint birds from Labors of Love

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Once upon a time, I was a Treasured Only Child (till those other kids showed up). As a TOC, I was not allowed to ride my tricycle in the driveway, but I was allowed to ride it in the house on the hardwood floors. My trusty sidekick, who rode on my shoulder as I careened around the living room, dining room and through the kitchen was my gray cockatiel Tweet-tweet.

I was thrilled when Labors of Love painted both a gray and a white cockatiel for the January market. They also added a Blue Tanager and a Warbler. These 3D birds are spectacular–they cry out for sparkle and bling from Silk Lamé and metallic threads or fancy effects from feathery threads. Each bird comes with a clip and tail feathers.

We had the collection at the Wayside House Spring Boutique and they almost all flew away. Luckily, when we got back we had a new shipment in house, including the new designs.

The new birds are in stock and available now on our website.

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College Fan needlepoint projects


Now that the conference season has begun, it is time to support your team! We have done needlepoint belts, cuffs, pillows and more for Ohio State, Florida, LSU, Michigan State, Michigan and others. We can also do high school and professional teams too! Give us a call or send us an email with your ideas.

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The Nutcrackers are here, the Nutcrackers are here!

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I’ve been unpacking from our seasonal move from Michigan, opening boxes at home filled with Halloween and Christmas ornaments and decorations. It’s definitely getting me in the mood for the coming holidays.

Julia’s Needleworks has sent a trunk show of their large, medium and small nutcrackers by JB. I’ve stitched a number of the small ones, including the first 3 of the 12 days of Christmas series. I have stitched one of the large ones and I intend to do several more (rule of collecting: once you have two, you have started a collection.) The little “nuts” stitch up in no time and you can use some of your stash for the small areas. I loved stitching my big guy because he is on 13 mesh, allowing me to try out large scale stitches and also making stitching faster (think FINISHED). The mediums are great, too; painted on 18 mesh they also allow you to try out large scale stitches and fit the bill for 18 mesh aficionados.

The trunk show will be here until mid-October. As always, we are happy to special order any canvas not in stock.

Happy stitching!

Meet the artist at the Bristly Thistle Florida

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suzi lundSuzii Lund, a nationally known needlepoint designer, will be at the Bristly Thistle Florida October 22nd, 23rd and 24th. Known especially for her belt canvases, she is also the creator of the needlepoint sandals and key fobs featured at the Bristly Thistle. She will be painting monograms on her self-finishing needlepoint/leather key fobs in the store–a perfect gift for the holidays. Come meet the artist between 10 to 1 and 2 to 5 each day.

New needlepoint designer at the Bristly Thistle

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DC Designs is a new designer in our store. The artist is committed to creating great designs at reasonable prices. All the canvases in the store are under $50.

Three of the designs are perfect for a 7×7 lacquer box from HP that is on sale this month on our web site.

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