Happy Thanksgiving!


Daughter number one (she and her younger sister refer to themselves as the Heir and the Spare) will have this to hang in her home office. I followed her request for a black frame (no bling) and went with a black mat. True love is stitching a basketweave background….

Back from the Finisher

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The Christmas Snail from Kirk & Hamilton is back in plenty of time to hang on the tree. You do have a Christmas Snail don’t you?

Sandy’s Finishing Touches – 2010 edition

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Now that the finishing deadlines are upon us, you might want to consider doing a small finishing project yourself. Here is a new edition of Sandy’s Finishing Touches to get you started.

Leigh crows finished

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Here they are in their frames. Aren’t they magnificent? We have them both in stock with stitch guides.

New Designs from Leigh

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Here are two great new designs from Leigh that will be in the store this week. Stitch guides from Jane Wood and Sandra Arthur are included. We hope to have pictures of the finished canvases soon!

Nutcrackers and Limoges boxes from Julia’s Needleworks

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Over 250 nutcrackers and Limoges boxes have arrived this week from Julia’s Needleworks.  This is a great time to finish (or start) your nutcracker collection!  They come in 3 sizes and can be finished as ornaments or just stand alone decorations.

The Limoges boxes are unique to Julia and make wonderful gifts.  I stitched the Grand Hotel and gave it to Amelia Musser as a house gift.

The Ark finished!


I had so much fun stitching this piece from Kelly Clark and loved the results so much that I went for a custom acrylic box to display it.

My favorite frame shop did a fabulous job of creating the box. If your local shop can’t do this, try mine: The Framing Establishment in Jacksonville FL, 904-384-7724.

Kirk & Hamilton designs at the Bristly Thistle

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I was looking for some small ornaments that could be finished this year and found them at the Baltimore show from Kirk & Hamilton. Some of them are on 13m and many include a stitch guide.

Just what we needed!

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New needlepoint designs from Kelly Clark

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Its not just about the shoes – sometimes a witch needs a glamorous hat to complete her outfit.

These 6 witches’ hats by Kelly Clark are so fun–and there’s a stitch guide that covers all of them. Imagine these beauties on a Halloween tree — tres chic!

For a limited time, if you buy all 6, the stitch guide is free.

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Moondance by Sandra Gilmore

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One of the terrific canvases in the Once in a Blue Moon trunk show is called “Moondance”. When Brenda Hart was in the shop as a visiting star. she said that two of her students had stitched the canvas, each of them taking her up on the suggestion that they bead the entire skeleton. Since then, I have not been able to get the canvas out of my head. Moondance, anyone?

This design and many more are available on our website at 20% off until March 28 2011.

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