New Santa designs from Amanda Lawford

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We have several requests about the new Santa series from Amanda. These are available 30″ tall (13 or 18) 20″ tall (18 only) and 15″ tall (18 only).


New Marches from Ashley Dillon


As many know, I have written stitch guides for Ashley Dillon of Tapestry Tent’s first 3 Marches–Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

I have pre-ordered Thanksgiving and the 4th of July and I will be writing stitch guides for them. As always, the canvas price includes my stitch guide.

You can pre-order now on our website.

This is going to be great fun!

Sea World Spyglass View – new needlepoint from Dede

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This canvas stopped me in my tracks at market–I bought one for my stash and I don’t feel guilty at all. The canvas is so inventive and the stitching shown in the photo is incredible. The photo shows the model stitching in detail.

Dede sent the canvases with a one page “teaser” for the new book she is due to publish next month. The book will be called “That’s Not Needlepoint” and this canvas is featured in Seascape Inspirations. And yes, I ordered the book at market, too.

New 3D Needlepoint birds from Labors of Love

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Once upon a time, I was a Treasured Only Child (till those other kids showed up). As a TOC, I was not allowed to ride my tricycle in the driveway, but I was allowed to ride it in the house on the hardwood floors. My trusty sidekick, who rode on my shoulder as I careened around the living room, dining room and through the kitchen was my gray cockatiel Tweet-tweet.

I was thrilled when Labors of Love painted both a gray and a white cockatiel for the January market. They also added a Blue Tanager and a Warbler. These 3D birds are spectacular–they cry out for sparkle and bling from Silk Lamé and metallic threads or fancy effects from feathery threads. Each bird comes with a clip and tail feathers.

We had the collection at the Wayside House Spring Boutique and they almost all flew away. Luckily, when we got back we had a new shipment in house, including the new designs.

The new birds are in stock and available now on our website.

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MY canvas from Long Beach

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At each market I pick one canvas that I absolutely cannot live without. I put it in the shop and if it sells, so be it and if not, it belongs to me.

This market, I was stopped in my tracks by Kelly Clark’s Ark canvas with animal pairs. I looked at. I ordered other things. I had lunch. I went back and bought them all.

Kelly’s booth had the 3D mockup, the 18 mesh (or 13 mesh) ark canvas and a dozen 18 mesh animals, mostly from the African savanna (I think—I am nothing if not geographically and directionally challenged). The ark is available on either 18 or 13 mesh canvas, the animals only on 18 (forever and ever).

So here’s my plan…stitch the 18 mesh version, create a stitch guide and provide a 13 mesh guide on request. I am going to offer a 12 session class in our shop on Amelia Island. And then I am going to display the finished project in a prominent place in our home. I cannot wait to get started!

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