New Limoges box from Julia’s Needleworks

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New Limoges box from Julia's Needwlorks

The sun is out here in the sunshine state, trees are leafing out and flowers are blooming. This new Limoges’ style box celebrates Easter and spring and will bring a smile to your face as you stitch.

Clip on birds from Labors of Love

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yhst-36309432747749_2251_1058789300We have all 41 clip on birds in stock this month from Labors of Love and they are 20% off. We would happy to pick threads for these including some sparkle bling!

Alice Peterson Christmas Pillow & stitch guide

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AP2006gThis 12×12 pillow is now in stock! Our kits include the canvas, threads, Swarovski crystals and the stitch guide.

This is a really fun project known to some as the Death Ray because when you hold it just right …


Back from the Finisher

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The Christmas Snail from Kirk & Hamilton is back in plenty of time to hang on the tree. You do have a Christmas Snail don’t you?

Nutcrackers and Limoges boxes from Julia’s Needleworks

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Over 250 nutcrackers and Limoges boxes have arrived this week from Julia’s Needleworks.  This is a great time to finish (or start) your nutcracker collection!  They come in 3 sizes and can be finished as ornaments or just stand alone decorations.

The Limoges boxes are unique to Julia and make wonderful gifts.  I stitched the Grand Hotel and gave it to Amelia Musser as a house gift.

More from Amanda Lawford

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We hit the jackpot last week with a package from Amanda. More new designs and small boxes that could be for jewelry or something even more valuable.

You can see them on the website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Ark finished!


I had so much fun stitching this piece from Kelly Clark and loved the results so much that I went for a custom acrylic box to display it.

My favorite frame shop did a fabulous job of creating the box. If your local shop can’t do this, try mine: The Framing Establishment in Jacksonville FL, 904-384-7724.

New Santa designs from Amanda Lawford

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We have several requests about the new Santa series from Amanda. These are available 30″ tall (13 or 18) 20″ tall (18 only) and 15″ tall (18 only).

New Marches from Ashley Dillon


As many know, I have written stitch guides for Ashley Dillon of Tapestry Tent’s first 3 Marches–Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

I have pre-ordered Thanksgiving and the 4th of July and I will be writing stitch guides for them. As always, the canvas price includes my stitch guide.

You can pre-order now on our website.

This is going to be great fun!

Sea World Spyglass View – new needlepoint from Dede

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This canvas stopped me in my tracks at market–I bought one for my stash and I don’t feel guilty at all. The canvas is so inventive and the stitching shown in the photo is incredible. The photo shows the model stitching in detail.

Dede sent the canvases with a one page “teaser” for the new book she is due to publish next month. The book will be called “That’s Not Needlepoint” and this canvas is featured in Seascape Inspirations. And yes, I ordered the book at market, too.

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