I chose this handsome Seaside Santa canvas this year when my husband Chris was spending so much time in and out of the hospital and the somewhat horrible place euphemistically called a rehab center.  I wanted a big project to keep me company when I was home alone at night.  Chris passed away before I received the canvas–his death was unexpected.  He was my partner in life, best friend, father of our girls, the man who made me laugh and showed this gal from East Texas the world.

The canvas arrived after the memorial service, and when I opened the box, my first reaction was that I couldn’t stitch it.  After a while, I took a look at it and saw it as a canvas of remembrance.

So here goes…the whales and dolphins are for numerous trips to Hawaii; the sailboat represents his long sailing career; lobsters, blue crabs and Dungeness crabs for what my friend Janet refers to as eating out of the bottom of an aquarium; the mermaid…well, let’s just say Chris wasn’t a leg man; the lighthouse and seagulls are for our wonderful times in Michigan and Florida; the seahorse represents being a great father.  I was going to change the seal to a Portuguese water dog, in honor of Morgan and Gracie, but then I remembered sailing on the San Francisco Bay (usually bundled in wind resistant fleece).  The entire crew would bark at the seals sunning themselves on the buoys, hoping they would bark back   “You’re only young once, but you can be immature forever.”

So, follow me as I stitch this canvas—it’s going to make you smile.


Edit: I’ll also be writing a stitch guide for this canvas!