Robin King taught the only needlepoint class at this market “Fraidy Cat”, one of the series of Creepy Characters by NeedleDeeva. Poor Robin…for the second time at a TNNA market, Robin, her stitch guides, thread kits and models arrived as scheduled. Unfortunately, the canvases did not.

Showing grace under pressure, Robin and Judy (the NeedleDeeva) rescued the class. We were all given blank canvas to practice the stitches and Robin did a great job of teaching the class. In addition, Robin refused to accept our money for class materials, and Judy gave each of us a “Hooty the Owl” canvas to ease the pain of not being able to stitch Fraidy in class. With luck, we will be able to pick up our canvases tomorrow in the NeedleDeeva room and get stitching!

Robin started the class by demonstrating how to straighten Neon Rays with a hair straightening iron (possibly incorrect nomenclature). The techniques is truly magic and you can watch it on Robin’s blog Beats the heck out of fighting the thread, giving up on it, or heavens (!) ironing it. You can find a mini-version at Bed Bath & Beyond to keep in your kit.

I’ll be stitching my cat Sunday on the long drive back to Amelia Island.