I said good morning to Doug Kreinik this morning at breakfast. His answer to what’s new—new colors of memory thread, including Japan colors for more a metallic effect. Kreinik also added new Japan colors to their braid lines.

My first class was with the very talented and very perky Alice Borge. I learned a great technique that uses wire and beads that is perfect for couching to “write” words on a canvas. The canvas by Alice Peterson is a simpler design on 13 mesh—Alice’s stitch guide punched it up—way up. Threads were provided by Rainbow Gallery, Weeks Dye Works and Vineyard Silk; Sundance provided beads. Vineyard Silk gave us 6 colors of merino wool that I can’t wait to work with. Rumor has it that it works on both 18 and 13 count canvas. This particular canvas calls for combining the wool with Wisper.

Tip of the day from Alice: Sprat’s Heads are wonderful for stitching trees.