Once upon a time, I was a Treasured Only Child (till those other kids showed up). As a TOC, I was not allowed to ride my tricycle in the driveway, but I was allowed to ride it in the house on the hardwood floors. My trusty sidekick, who rode on my shoulder as I careened around the living room, dining room and through the kitchen was my gray cockatiel Tweet-tweet.

I was thrilled when Labors of Love painted both a gray and a white cockatiel for the January market. They also added a Blue Tanager and a Warbler. These 3D birds are spectacular–they cry out for sparkle and bling from Silk Lamé and metallic threads or fancy effects from feathery threads. Each bird comes with a clip and tail feathers.

We had the collection at the Wayside House Spring Boutique and they almost all flew away. Luckily, when we got back we had a new shipment in house, including the new designs.

The new birds are in stock and available now on our website.

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