Treglown Designs has released 6 new Charley Harper canvases at the Columbus Market.

All are on 13 mesh.

Charlie’s Cardinal is 5” x 8”, good for an eyeglass case. $62.00

Claws, a proper bulldog facing down a crab, is 12” x 18.25”. $143.00

Down Under Down Under, an adorable mother koala and baby, is 8.5” x 16”. 105.00

Gallinule and Gator was a mystery until we asked Alicia for help. The wicked-looking gator eyes are peering up from under lily pads. 14” x 14”. $165.00

Pollinating Flower is 14” x 14” and is $127.00

My favorite new release is Wings of the World. Missing Migrants showed winged creatures that have vanished from the earth. Wings of the World portrays winged creatures that, so far, still exist. It would be perfect stitched just with basketweave and many different threads, or with a mixture of threads and different stitches. 18” x 24.5”. $385.00

You can order these on our web site.