Those of you have been to our store may have met Gracie and Morgan, our two Portuguese Water Dogs. I love to change their “look” with different collars and leashes and these leather collars with an 18 mesh canvas insert are perfect for that. I chose the green for Morgan and the pink for Gracie. Now I’m working on my designs for them—they will, of course, have their names, but what fun to decorate the rest of the canvas.

The collars are available in black, pink, red, green, cream and silver. The sizes are 8”-10.5” (teensy), 10” to 12.5” (petite), 12.5” to 15” (medium), 15” to 18” (large) and 18”-20” (extra large). The collar size is measured from the tip of the buckle to the end of the collar. They are about 1″ wide and the canvase is about 1/2″ wide.

Best of all, once you have stitched the canvas, the collars are finished—no shipping, no waiting, no additional costs! Give us a call at 877-578-4824 or send us an email if you want us to order one for your pooch. They are also available on our website.