croped_blu_tan_box.jpgHere’s one of my “awake at 3 am” ideas. Ring bearers are a wonderful part of a traditional wedding, but what do you do with the ring bearer’s pillow when the day is done? You might keep it on display for the first year, or bring it out for anniversaries, or you might just store it and never look at it again. I love the idea of a needlepoint ring bearer’s Limoges box. The flowers or design can be color-coordinated with the wedding colors. You could stitch only the top canvas (which can be ordered separately) and use fabric inspired by the bridesmaid dresses or reception designs for the base. The inside of the box can be personalized with the wedding date and the bride and groom’s names or their combined monogram. The boxes with the floral design are especially lovely when stitched in 3-D with silk ribbon. The best part is that the bride and groom will have a very personal and beautiful memento of their wedding day that they will be able to enjoy long after the day. These designs by DJ are perfect for this special gift. (posted by Michele)