100_1063.jpgAs a reward for stitching class models, I let myself work on a couple of small projects for myself at the end of the day.

I pulled this Heart canvas from my before-store stash. I worked the red and pink areas in basketweave using Petite Very Velvet and Trebizond. While stitching with the Trebizond, I found that longer lengths tended to shred at the end, so I began using 12-14” lengths. Because I hate ripping out, I needed to save the areas that were obviously worn. I took a 12” length of Trebizond and split it into thirds. I threaded one strand on my needle and went over the distressed areas. For perfectionists, this won’t work, but I don’t think anyone will get into the tree to scrutinize this ornament that closely.

I had never really appreciated Kreinik’s Japan gold braid until I stitched this canvas. I had intended to bead all of the gold areas and then came to my senses. I found the gold braid stitch in June McKnight’s book “Needlepoint Borders”. The stitch is a large cross with reversing mosaic ties done with #12 braid. I then couched the braid horizontally above and below the border using a strand of the Japan gold itself to attach it. The bottom of the center medallion is a fern variation. For the swirly lines, I again couched #12 Kreinik Japan gold braid. The floral motifs were going to be gold-plated beads, but I found they stood out from the canvas too much. I had tried the lazy daisy stitch with #12, but it was too bulky. Finally, I took #8 Japan gold braid and stitched lazy daisies with French knots in the centers. They look like gold peas in gold pods.

I’ve always wanted to take the time to learn goldwork. Until I can find that time, I think this “faux goldwork” is something I will use again.