100_1057.jpgHere is another of my “rewards” canvases—projects I stitch when I have finished stitching models for the day.

The background is Renaissance Shimmer stitched in a horizontal Parisian stripe. The snowflakes were going to be beads, but French knots in Kreinik 032 #12 braid did the trick. The fur trim is a chenille thread I found in a fabric store that I couched down with a strand of Floche. I used my curved scissors to trim the chenille to the proper shape and scale. The wreath is made of French knots with beads. Santa’s beard is the criss-cross Hungarian in perle cotton with Neon Rays cross-stitches in the voids. These canvases come with all the materials you need to finish them yourself. I’m afraid to finish canvases, but even I was able to pull it off.