Just in time for his 3rd Christmas, Charlie is done! Some of my favorite things about this project:

I couched petite fluffy fleece for Santa’s beard and mustache.

I used a punchneedle to make uniform looped turkey work for the fur on Santa’s robe. It was a bit tricky, but the results are very even, more so than doing turkey work “free hand” would be.

I used the same darning stitch for Santa’s robe and for the background. The different threads give very different effects. I really like the way the stitch on the robe allowed the hand painting to show.

The Christmas tree was stitched with 3 different colors of Impressions, using layered lazy daisy stitches.

I have resolved that I will have more confidence in my stitch choices and not rip out sections as often as I have in the past. We’ll see how long that resolution lasts—I have two Liz stockings in the works!

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